3-2 Slider? Why Not! 3 Short & Simple Reasons

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3-2 Slider

Full Count.  You have been battling the Hitter back and forth on each pitch in the at bat.  Neither of you are willing to fold.  You are challenging him with your best stuff, and he is fighting you right back.  However, as the pitcher, you have the ability to be creative.  You always get the first move in this duel.  The hitter has to react to everything that you do. That’s why the best ones fail 70% of the time.  

As stressful as this at bat may be, the competitor in you feels the enjoyment level from this battle made possible by the greatest game on Earth.  In deciding what pitch to throw next, here are 3 Short & Simple Reasons to throw a 3-2 Slider.

3-2 Slider
When You Feel It, Go With It

full count Slider Conviction

Conviction is everything as a pitcher.  The quote above by Terry Francona hits the nail right on the head.  For every pitch that you throw in a game, you have to believe that it is the right pitch in the right spot.  When your mind, your body and your instincts are telling you to throw the 3-2 Slider, GO WITH IT!!!!!  You will execute the pitch properly when have the right mindset.  Fearless Pitchers are Winning Pitchers!!!


3-2 Slider
The Hitter Has Your Fastball Timed

3-2 Slider

In reference to the GIF above from Major League II, Rick Vaughan followed up this pitch with another fastball on an 0-2 count.  He had to do some soul searching to get back on track for his team and his career…..Thus, we all know how this epic battle ended.  Now when you get to a full count, in most cases, the hitter has seen a good deal of fastballs from you in the first 5 pitches, at the least.  

If the full count battle has gone a few extra pitches that were fouled off,  the Slider will show to be very efficient as a change in speed and movement.  When the hitter is not fooled by your fastball and has your timing down, the Slider is a very valuable asset to win this battle.


3-2 Slider
Hitters Don’t Want to Get Beat By the Fastball

Not getting beat by the fastball

3-2 is an interesting count.  The hitter has to protect, but can also be a bit selective.  At the same time, it is a Do or Die mentality for the hitter.   Many hitters will expect you to groove the pitch.  They wouldn’t expect you try and paint the corners as you would earlier in the at bat.  Too much is on the line.  They are thinking more that you will attempt to locate a pitch on the halves or thirds of the plate.  

In a Full count, this thought process is in the back of the hitter’s head.  Because of this, a vast majority of the time, he will expect a fastball.  When hitters are geared to get a fastball, they tend to go into tunnel vision mode.  That’s all they can think about.   If it is in the spot where they are looking, they are going to do some damage….even if they have to cheat to get to it.

So what if you throw a pitch that starts out looking like a fastball……

Well, when you throw the Slider correctly….


You Win!!!!!


Next time you are on the mound. And you get into a 3-2 count that could be a battle of epic proportions, keep these 3 Short & Simple Reasons in mind.  When the situation is right, have conviction in the Slider and Go With It!
Enjoy the Results!


Keep Dominating!!!



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