Avoid Baseball Cliques They WILL Ruin Your Season

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Avoid Baseball Cliques

It is near the end of January now.  College Baseball is already a few weeks into practice with the first games not far off.  In the case of most college programs, nothing is set in stone yet for specific roles and playing time. Coaching staffs are continually evaluating who they can entrust going to battle with each game.  The top tier guys know their value to the team and they carry themselves accordingly.  The next tier of players on down are constantly on the bubble….whether you want to hear this or not!  A hidden in plain sight variable that can make or break your season before opening day is upon us all. So avoid baseball cliques at all costs!

Like all temptations, you know they are bad.  Yet when they get closer to you and become realistic, their perceived sweetness can suck you into their evil before you can blink.    

Avoid Baseball Cliques
So What Am I Talking About?

avoid baseball cliques

Let’s not lie to ourselves.  Baseball can be a bit mundane when it comes to early season practice.  Especially, when the practice conditions may be less than inspiring.  There is a lot to get into place and everyone needs their necessary repetitions.  Bunt plays, pickoff plays that are used maybe twice a year, backing up bases, 1st & 3rd’s and so on. Let’s not forget PFPs.  That’s impossible!  The team needs to be trained to exhaustion when it comes to these situations.   All 9 players on the field need to know where they have to be and what to do with the ball in each situation.  Merely, for the simple reason, so you don’t lose the game.  

A good coach knows how to keep every player on the roster active and involved.  As for the rest, there is always the culture of laziness and screwing around.
Also Known As: An Allowed Cancer.  The above mentioned practice items involve a lot of standing around for pitchers.  It also coincides with the time of the preseason for the pitchers who are slipping down on the depth chart, and can see the light that their playing time will be sparse.  the first month of practice in January
 is a survival of the fittest, and they are falling fast.

avoid baseball cliques

So they do what every egotistical, unprepared big mouth and/or smart ass do.  They hit the Panic Button.  They don’t have a game plan as to how to get better.  It’s all about just showing up, having a good time, and expecting (hoping) great things to happen.  Yet, all while needing a way to pass the time in a just a 2 hour practice.  Too many college teams have these pitchers on their staffs.  It is sad they find a way to latch on.

During these drills, they are the ones to become giddy and goofy.  Often starting up some deadbeat topic of conversation while waiting in line.  As misery loves company, they want everyone involved.  It makes them feel better about themselves for watching everything slip away.  The so called dissenters in their eyes from this nonsense, the focused ones, know to stay the hell away from these trolls.  The trolls take their shots at them trying to break them anyway possible, yet it never sticks.

Like any sick minded demon, they don’t go away that easily.  They will keep working on those who they feel will comfort them while sitting on the bench with all season. The Nothing Crowd members are usually the ones to complain about playing time when the team is struggling through a rough patch and are quietly miserable when the team is winning.   They are losers!
So how do you handle this headache…


Avoid Baseball Cliques
Call Them Out!!!


avoid baseball cliques

Call Them Out!  Don’t waste any time.  It doesn’t even matter if your are wide eyed freshman.  Take matters into your own hands.  Coaches love that.  It shows that you want to win and you are making their job easier.  It is a Win-Win for you.  As soon as you see this nonsense and fake comradery begin, take the initiative to shut it down right away.  Basically, the goofballs are cowards and will tremble under the pressure when you call them out.  You will force them to step up, shut up, or quit.  Either way, all 3 of these benefit the team massively.  


Avoid Baseball Cliques
Manipulative Traps

avoid baseball cliques

If you are a younger pitcher, understand that this is a trap. Often times the ring leaders of this gimmick are upperclassmen.  They peaked early with baseball.  Their college careers’ started out good, yet it has been all downhill ever since.  Because they are upperclassmen, the younger players will still look up to them for acceptance.  Don’t hesitate to question their experience. The only experience they posses is knowing how to the work the system.  

Maturity is an invaluable asset in baseball.  As the nature of the game is of failure and inevitable adversity, how you handle these situations to still come out on top is vital. The scouts revere it.  


Avoid Baseball Cliques
Hang Out With the Top Tier Pitchers

avoid baseball cliques

The coaching staff is looking at more than just how well you can throw strikes.  When they see you hanging out with the losers on the staff, and falling into their laziness traps, they may give up on you.  So don’t jeopardize your livelihood!  How you handle yourself and who you associate yourself with are important factors in life, let alone baseball.   This strongly impacts how quickly you will develop.  Mentorship is everything.  Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t.  When you learn from the best, you will see dramatically improved results.  You will be more focused and more driven because the best people are pushing you.  

Keep in mind, that the college team you are on will be Your Team in a few years.  You will be an upperclassmen and the younger ones will be looking up to you for guidance.  By simply being at this level of baseball, you have positioned yourself you achieve great things.  One of them is passing on the wisdom you acquired to the future incoming classes.  Being a part of a successful college baseball program and doing your part to keep the winning tradition alive, is something to be damn proud of doing.  

avoid baseball cliques


Keep Dominating!!!



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