New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers BLEEP EM!!!!

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New Year's Resolutions for Pitchers

We are now 10 days into 2018.  Optimism is brimming with great things on the horizon, as it should be.  Your Opening Day will be here before you know it.   A positive outlook always entices taking action.  Everyone knows that Action Creates Results.  That’s why you are here.  Now that I have your attention, keep in mind that New Year’s Resolutions are for Suckers!  BLEEP EM! That’s right!  By the same dreaded logic, New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers are no different.


New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers
You Are Wasting Your Time

New Year's Resolutions for Pitchers

Are you able to name a self made success story, where someone that waited until a so called milestone date in the future to get started?  All that nonsense rhetoric just delays the inevitable, there is no passion driving your desire to succeed.  

Case in point, fitness gyms prey on these suckers to sign up for memberships to start the new year off right.  Your New Year’s Resolution gives you an exciting reason to get up in the morning.  That’s what they sell you on.  Therefore, gyms around the country are filled with uncoordinated, unathletic people with no etiquette.  Like the baseball fans who only go to games on fireworks nights.  They have no clue that a game is going on where people have dedicated their whole lives to get to this point, and WIN!  

I digress.  You know the newbie type.  Dressed to the max with work out gear, so they can still look good when they fall off the treadmills.  Yes, those people.  So after almost 3 weeks of being embarrassed, injuring themselves, or not seeing immediate results, they give up…They Quit!

Thus come January 20th of every year, the heard is thinned back to competency.  The people who signed up with the correct intentions are building their results one day at a time.  It’s backed by the sheer will to want to make it happen.  Don’t be forced into making New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers. The gurus are already well known to make things worse.  There is no secret that they just don’t get it and they never will.  When you are dedicated to the process, it is the only way that the results show up.

New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers
Why They Are Worthless

New Year's Resolutions for Pitchers

The same is true for baseball players.  When you want to make 2018 your best year yet, you would have started back in the late summer of 2017.  Getting ready for the fall season and moving on to the 2 months or so of the offseason that is already behind us.  The previous year showed you what you need to improve upon.  In addition to that, you may have also discovered some new strengths.  Now it is time to implement them into your arsenal for advancement.  

Because when you look to climb the ever precious baseball ladder, the ones you are chasing after do not have the “New Year’s Resolution Mentality”.  The ones who climb the highest and the fastest have the ability to make adjustments on the fly.  You think Mike Trout waited until New Year’s to be able to hit the fastball above the belt?  Merit is glorious.

When you want to get something done, You Go Get It!  The passion behind your desire to succeed is your discipline to stay focused.  Focus is necessary in any trial and error process.  It can be frustrating and even deflating as you struggle to get your feet under you.  Therefore, will you stay with it?


New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers
Do You Want to Know the BeautifulThing About Baseball?

New Year's Resolutions for Pitchers

The hope chasers have no place in this game.  The entitled, the Quick Fix/Instant result minded, the lottery winner approach, and the lazy dreamers all get flushed out of the game by it’s natural selection process.  The baseball gods ain’t having that!  

Therefore, we are all kept in check by this paradigm when we think that we are bigger than the game.  No one is above it!  So what happens when we think we have baseball figured out….?

Consequently, we get knocked down a few rungs…and rightfully so.  Hitters going into that glorious thing called a slump, while pitchers get knocked around like a pinball machine.  It feels like little leaguers could dominate us.

 -…the game doesn’t get easier, we get better!

Nonetheless, the human element of baseball is a balancing act.  Cultivating an even keel mindset is a building block for longevity.  So we have to act accordingly in each situation.  It just goes to show that the game doesn’t get easier, we get better!  Needless to say, it is always better to earn something.  As a result, that’s why girls like ball players.  Because we have character.  It has been proudly ingrained in us since T-Ball.   

New Year’s Resolutions for Pitchers

New Year's Resolutions for Pitchers

When you are willing to tackle a new skill on the diamond, the urgency to do so is all you need.  Whether you are at a point in your career when your back is against the wall, or the desire to be the best does not allow you to settle with mediocrity, you will get it done.  All driven players know that the time to get going, is NOW!  As the results roll in, the good ones kick themselves for not doing it sooner.  

Keep Dominating!!!



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