Pitching With Conviction The Silent Step Towards LOUD Domination

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pitching with conviction

As I have spent the last few days enhancing the On Field video portion of the Slider Domination Product Line for our dedicated members, something important occurred to me.  I recorded the videos over 2 years ago, and decided it was necessary to make some aesthetic upgrades.  

As we have all grown and evolved in our respected fields during that time, I recognized that my teachings of how to throw the Slider still hold true.  I even amazed myself a bit with what I said on video!   Because I am committed to teaching the Slider in the simplest, most efficient way possible.  Without any meaningless jargon, Buzz Words, or inside stories. That degree of nonsense will eventually make the process come to a confusing standstill on the mound.  Yes it sadly does!   I am staying true to my beliefs. Pitching with Conviction. 

Inevitably as a pitcher, the same follows suit. Many times your initial instinct is the best one to go with.  It is what your mind is set on doing.  Only you know what is best for you.  Others can often times sidetrack you.  For the benefit of pitching with conviction, “When you are feeling it, Go with it!”  Whether it is a 2-0 change up or a 3-2 Slider, Go with it!


Pitching With Conviction
You Are What You Believe!

pitching with conviction

It’s a simple matter of commitment.  When you jump in with both feet, you are going to have more optimal results. Tug McGraw‘s mantra helped an 82 Win Mets team force a World Series Game 7 against the Oakland A’s Dynasty of the early 1970s.   When you go half hearted into a situation, you will LOSE!  It’s that simple! No different than studying for a test or asking a girl out.  Committing to a pitch with full conviction removes second guessing.  You believe that this is the right pitch, right now, and you will own it!  Win or Lose. Good, Bad, or Ugly, you accept the outcome.  

Conviction means that your mind is telling your body what has to be done.  Combine this notion with a relaxed state of assertiveness, you will not be fighting yourself to make each pitch happen.  Your body will be more fluid in executing your mechanics properly to locate the pitch where you want.  Getting to this point is a matter of simplifying and narrowing your focus.  

Major League pitchers who have success are able to limit their mental wherewithal solely on making pitches.  That’s it!  They are not concerned with the outcome, as they know it is out of their hands.  Their job is to commit to each pitch with conviction.  In the wide range of a season, the odds will be in their favor a considerable percentage of time.


Pitching With Conviction
All Begins with Preparation 

pitching with conviction

You become better at pitching with conviction when you are better prepared.  The Mental, the Physical, and the Strategic.  When you have done all the proper work leading up to first pitch, it’s now about reaction and execution.   That is what truly intimidates hitters….even though, they will never admit to that….

I touch a lot on the importance of visualization in pitching. Both in pregame preparation and part of your pre-pitch routine.  The more that you see each pitch properly thrown in your mind, the more you will properly execute each pitch in the game.  


Pitching With Conviction
The Competitive Edge

pitching with conviction

When you pitch with conviction, you take the mound knowing that you can get anybody out on every pitch. Hope is a thing of the past.  You will even stand up to the 2001 Barry Bonds.  In doing so, you will carry yourself with more of an aura on the mound.  Once I saw Mariano Rivera just walking around the bullpen in Philadelphia during an interleague game in 2006.  He had that Orangish Glow that few actually posses.  You know what else?  The Phillies knew that glow was out there too. Especially as the 9th inning crept closer.

Secondly, pitching with conviction eliminates doubt.  As a result, your pitches will have an extra aggressiveness to them.  Some more giddiup to them if you will.  Quite simply, you mind is telling your body to let it rip.  There are no subconscious thoughts holding you back.  This is when pitching becomes fun!  As this internal connection comes about, it creates great synergy which brings great success.  Your teammates will also feed off of this energy. The game is all about winning.  That’s why you play, right?


Keep Dominating!!!



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Brad Kirsch Slider DominationBrad Kirsch is the Owner/Creator of Slider Domination. He is a former professional pitcher who blogs about all things Pitching. Brad has also authored the AudioBook, 7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider. If you haven’t done so already, you can Download the AudioBook Here

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