The Sadness of Hope…

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sadness of hope

Hope is the cry of the undecided.  For an athlete, it is way too opened ended.  Success will never occur without a gameplan and a mindset in the foundation. The Sadness of Hope occurs from relying on this empty mindset.

Adversity is an inevitable part of baseball and of life. Hoping to get past the ugly monster will make success a distant dream.  Every great pitcher knows what they have to do, and how to go do it.  The trial and error process of anything in life brings you closer to mastery.
When someone relies on the sadness of hope, they neglect to correct their flaws.  Thus, leading to more struggle, and frustration.  When they can’t ponder any longer why the results have not piled up for them yet, the next phase is surrender.  

sadness of hope

They either give up completely and never come back to this adventure.  Or they get past their own ignorance and give up on the open ended notion of hope.  When the latter occurs, they go back to the drawing board and retrain themselves on what  to do right.  They seek Education and Mentorship.  Inspiration and Action.  Then put their nose to the grindstone and make it happen!!!!!! These are the people who get results!!!

When a pitcher eliminates this mental barrier, Hope is out the window, as Domination has taken over!!!!!!



…The Sadness of Hope
Why is it Damaging?

sadness of hope

It is psychologically proven that when one lives in the past, they become depressed.  And when they get too far ahead of themself, they get over anxious.  This again is where hope is damaging.  When you get anxious, you get scared, you get emotional, and become unstable.  You back yourself into a corner as you begin to think about anything and everything that could go wrong.  The instant reaction for coping with this mess is to hope it will get better.

But does it get better?  Never by this method.  Hope will let you down more times than help you.  It is the passive, submissive, and lazy man’s way of problem solving only to create more problems, and more false reliance on the notion of hope.  It a very vicious cycle.


…The Sadness of Hope
What Does it Mean to Pitchers?

sadness of hope

As a pitcher, hope is no different.  It is a poor excuse for not having a game plan or being afraid to immerse yourself in what really it takes to be a successful.

Pitchers who rely on Hope,

  – Hope the ball will go where he wants

  – Hope that the pitch doesn’t get hit hard

  – and Hopes that he will have success

sadness of hope

All hope will give you is an inflated ERA and no trust from your coaches and teammates.  

Remember, HOPE is the ‘cry of the undecided’…and in baseball, the numbers don’t lie.  So how could you put up stellar numbers when you have the wrong mindset?

…and wouldn’t it be impossible to attack the strike zone when you rely on an indirect notion/claim.

Don’t let this harsh truth discourage you.


…The Sadness of Hope
Defeating the Moster

If the hope monster has gotten to you, you can fix it.   Just remember, sometimes it only takes one simple tweak in your mental approach to start seeing results.

Have a Game Plan, Be Fearless in attacking the strike zone, and play to win…..Play to Win!  You cannot win in this game by taking the easy road.  Slider Domination takes pride in training all of our pitchers to have the right mindset to excel.

This is why we teach a game plan for success.  We are passionate about creating the proper foundation.  A foundation that pitchers can simply use to get the very most out of their ability.  When all the hard work put in pays off, and the pitcher can begin to feel his game going to the next level, and his confidence continues to grow, There is No Better Feeling.

Hence, our world gravitates towards rewarding WINNERS. Therefore, as a pitcher, the right mindset positions you to achieve amazing things in the Greatest Game on Earth.

Successful pitchers

Keep Dominating!!!!




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