What ‘Truly’ Makes a WINNER ?

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After a long weekend of traveling to return home, I have first hand experienced a great deal of successful characteristics.  My father, Barry Kirsch, was inducted into the inaugural Hall of Fame class at Archbishop Carroll High School in Radnor, PA.  For 50 years, it has been his domain for preparing students and student athletes alike for the real world.  His induction was based on his leadership efforts in the classroom, on the fields of play, and in the community.   

As an Algebra teacher, he has thrived on simplifying the learning process, since numbers are not everyone’s game.  His curriculum and grading process award those who work hard and pay attention.  2 essential components that winners posses.  

What 'Truly' Makes a WinnerOver his entire coaching career, he was a head baseball coach for 15 years (9 years at the high school level, 6 years college Division 1).  Only to be surpassed in service time as a head basketball coach for 36 years at the grade school and high school levels (13 years boys, 23 years girls).  During his coaching career, he has mentored 5 players drafted by MLB, 2 First Team All Americans & well over 3 dozen who received college scholarships.  

As for team accolades, his squads won multiple division titles for both baseball and basketball.  A Philadelphia Archdiocesan Championship for grade school girls basketball, 4 Philadelphia Catholic League Girls Basketball Championships, and several USA Today National rankings.  Above all that, my father will always deflect praise to his assistants and players whenever he is asked about these accomplishments.

What ‘Truly’ Makes a Winner ?
The 1st Element

What 'Truly' Makes a Winner
Leadership. When coaches display strong leadership skills, they build trust in their players. In return, the players buy into the coach’s system.  Synergy of this degree creates unprecedented results. Victorious moments that never fade, and life lessons that never falter.

Phase II. Instilling Leadership into Players.
When a coach can inspire leadership into their players, not only do their job results become enhanced, their mission is far more effective.  

The players will understand why a coach may be hard on them.  Consequently, the reason which a coach pushes a player now, is to create a winning environment for the team.  They are creating the understanding to never cheat yourselves nor your teammates.  As much as coach’s tough love may be heavy handed from time to time, it shows that he or she will never cheat their players.  Don’t forget that!  

Beyond all this, the push is preparing everyone involved for the next level(s).  High school to college is one. College to professional is another upgrade for the fortunate few.  However, the transition from athlete to the real world, is especially relevant for everybody.

What ‘Truly’ Makes a Winner ?
The Pipeline

What 'Truly' Makes a Winner

The greatest way to examine a winner’s level of success, is by how well their predecessors make their mark on their own endeavors.  You often hear about coaching lineage.  A family tree of successful coaches that began under a legend, and the tutelage continues to trickle down.  The John McGraw & Connie Mack trees are the most notable for baseball. The NFL coaching tree is an exclusive fraternity of pedigree.  

Dedication, attention to detail, the ability to identify and develop talent are all cultivated through solid mentorship.  Furthermore, like all things in life, creating a foundation based on proper fundamentals, well executed repetitions, effective communication and sheer honesty creates winners.  It’s more than just saying it, it is a matter of holding everyone involved accountable, by doing it everyday.  The first role of leadership, Leaders Show Up.

It was an honor to see and hear the gratitude expressed from former students, players and assistant coaches of my father.  Many conveyed how applying his teachings and wisdom positioned them for successful undertakings, as coaches, working professionals, CEOs, and family members.  


What ‘Truly’ Makes a Winner ?
May You Also Be Inspired

In conclusion, over 500 people were in attendance on the evening.  Thus, everyone there was significantly influenced by one man.  A winner who’s greatest passion is making winners out of everyone around him every single day.  This pipeline will continue to grow eternally.  I am very fortunate and blessed to have been raised by a person of this magnitude.  He has certainly impacted my coaching career.  Keeping with my father’s mission of being dedicated to getting the absolute best out of his followers is all that I know.  I am very willing to pass on this winning mindset and foundation to the entire Slider Domination community.  As a result of reading the articles on the Slider Domination Blog, may you also be inspired by his teachings!

Keep Dominating!!!



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what ‘truly’ makes a winner

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