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Hello Baseball World

Brad Kirsch Slider DominationMy name is Brad Kirsch and I am teaching high school, college, and professional pitchers all over the world how to SkyRocket or even Resurrect their pitching careers by way of the Slider.   

Now I began in college baseball as an absolute nobody who never saw any action because, basically, I had no clue how to pitch.  That all quickly changed when I learned how to throw the Slider.  It was the pitch that I always knew that I had in me, I just needed to guidance to to prove to myself that I consistently execute this Dominant Pitch.

Then everything SkyRocketed for me!!!! Going from a Zero to leading the team and conference in several pitching categories.  Then eventually signing multiple professional contracts.  

Mastering the Slider has allowed to play and coach this great game in 6 countries and hear it spoken in 5 different languages.  

For the last 12+ years, I have been teaching pitchers how to throw the Slider.  I have worked with successful high school, college, and professional pitchers.

My goal of Slider Domination is Simple:

I want you to be able to throw the Slider better than I ever have!

This is what inspires me.  

It is a driving passion of mine to help every pitcher to get the very most out of their ability….because it is worth every minute you invest to be the best.  

Climbing the ladder in baseball is about the experiences that you will accumulate.  The teammates, the friendships, the coaches and mentors, the travel, the fields & stadiums where you will play….they all get better the higher that you can go.

The Slider proves time and time again that it is a remarkable tool to get you to these places.


All the pitchers that I work with, I tell them the same thing:

Baseball is an extremely rewarding game to those who fully dedicate themselves.

This comes in both On & Off the field accolades.  The Dominant Pitcher performances that you can produce are yours to keep forever.  No one….NO ONE can ever take them away from you!  This game teaches so many life lessons at an accelerated pace and also opens may doors for you after baseball.  

This is your Time to Excel!  Go Out and Make it Happen!

Keep Dominating!!!!


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