Why Fall Ball is The BEST TIME to Develop a NEW Pitch

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Fall Ball is the best time to develop a new pitchIn Major League Baseball, the month of August is known as the Dog Days.  The stretch of the schedule when teams and players begin to tire down, which may make or break a team’s season.  September is where the playoff pushes are made.  October is where the Magic happens.  New Legends are Born, and a Champion will be crowned.

For the die hard ball player like yourself, who has big dreams of pitching in ‘The Show’, this is the time to capitalize on getting closer to those dreams.  As the summer season wears down in August, you have time to relax a bit and regroup.  As the fall season starts, you are refreshed and itching to get back at it.

Fall Ball is the BEST Time to Develop a New Pitch
Where Should I Start?

In college baseballthe fall is the time for the bulk of the teaching and development of talent as teams prepare to do great things in the spring.  The weather is great and the atmosphere is less intense.  For pitchers, this is the time to retool.  It is a great opportunity to develop a new pitch by getting in the needed repetitions.  This allows you to not be pressured or feel like there is not enough time.  You can just relax and put in the work.  You will KNOW that come Go Time, the benefits will be on their way!

As you begin your new journey, you will start throwing your new pitch on flat ground.  It’s all about getting comfortable with it. So much of learning a new pitch has to do with the mechanics & the release.  Then you work it into your bullpen sessions.  Eventually, leading up to testing this pitch out facing live hitters.  Inter squads are a plenty in the college fall season.  The feedback you will receive in this process is the game plan you need to to Master your new pitch as you head into the offseason.  So come Opening Day, you are ready to Dominate!!!!

Fall Ball is the BEST Time to Develop a New Pitch

fall ball is the best time to develop a new pitch

So what Pitch is it that you will allow you to Dominate Hitters in 2018???  Because I know this is the year that you are willing to put in the work to gather All Conference, All State, All American…you know all of the available accolades.  Turn up the intensity and turn some heads in this great game.  Get important baseball people to take notice. Thus, earn the college scholarship or get the pro scouts to follow up with you.  Therefore, what is your plan of action to make it all happen?

The Traditional pitches I am sure your have tried….

…Curveball, Change Up.  Are they for you?


How About those Desperate Gimmick Pitches?

They are an obvious waste of time.  No one with credibility in this game will take you seriously.

Have you ever tried to throw a Slider?  Have you ever had a coach that was actually able to teach you the Slider?
Usually, few and far between.  Guidance is essential.

Do you ever wonder if the you have what it takes to throw the Slider?
I am sure you do.  A true competitor is always looking to upgrade his arsenal for enhanced success.

Want to know more if the Slider is the Pitch for you to Dominate 2018?

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7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a SliderThese 7 simple reasons will layout what kind of overwhelming success can come your way, simply by adding 1 New Pitch to your arsenal…

….and did I say Dominate also?

So in just under 30 minutes from now, you will know if the Slider will make your Dreams a Reality in 2018 and BEYOND!!!

Keep Dominating!!!


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Fall Ball is the best time to develop a new Pitch

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