Powerful Pitching Visualization Exercises, Pitch Charting

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As your 2017 campaign has now ended, you head into the off season with optimism. The hustle and bustle of a long year has ended, therefore you can now breath and appreciate what you accomplished.  It’s a great feeling! You are allowed to celebrate your accomplishments. Just don’t get too carried away…the baseball gods keep all of us in check.

With the offseason brings some well earned rest and an opportunity to assess what you need to improve upon. One thing that is always vital is mastering the ever important mental game of baseball.   This separates WINNERS from wannabes. Plus, it is only getting more important in the game.   

This is the best time in the baseball calendar year to develop and enhance this success skill. You can retrain your brain for several months before you have to implement it into facing live hitters.  Because this is such a monumental step to conquer as a pitcher, I will be sharing several Proven, Powerful Pitching Visualization Exercises.   So come opening day, there is no better feeling than standing on the mound, full of confidence, that you can throw every pitch in your arsenal with total conviction.

That is true intimidation over hitters.

Powerful Pitching Visualization Exercises
Pitch Charting

The Visualization exercise that I will talk about this week, is Pitch Charting.  No, not sitting behind home plate in street clothes the day before you start.  You do this on you own, whenever you want.    It is quick, easy and simple.

I began this exercise in all the way back in high school for me.  Naturally, continuing this through college and into pro ball.  With just a notebook and a pen, I would draw a strike zone, and decide whether I was facing a lefty or a righty.  Then attack the zone, attack the hitter.  I would go for the strikeout, all while being realistic.  Never would I assume 3 straight heaters to strike the hitter out.   That’s too easy.  You have to push yourself in visualization.

It would always be a real time situation.  Expanding the zone, assuming foul balls, you make a borderline pitch without getting the call.  You know how it goes.  Nonetheless, this put me into as many situations as possible on the mound.  Even expanding the creativity of the drill to counteract adversity.  Start with a 2-0, 3-1, or even a 3-0 count.  How will you make pitches without giving into the hitter?  

Your competitiveness will come out in this exercise, as you refuse to get beaten.

Want to try it yourself?  Sign up to get the Slider Domination Complimentary Pitch Charts.  This is a feature of the the Slider Domination product line, that I am sharing with you all for free, only for a Limited Time.  

Come opening day, you will light years ahead of the competition.

Keep Dominating!!!

Powerful Pitching Visualization Exercises


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