How Does Fastball Command ‘ENHANCE’ Your Slider?

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 Fastball Command
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Fastball Command…1st & Foremost, it is what all Major League pitchers will tell you, is the the main thing they work on every Spring Training. Why? Quite simply, When you can’t command the fastball, best of luck getting hitters out. Even worse, playing time will be be reserved for mop up time and blow outs.


Listen to a post game interview from the losing team. Either the manager or the losing pitcher himself most times will say it came down to lack of fastball command.

Whenever you don’t have fastball command, it’s pretty tough to get everything else to work. If anything, it’s a good learning experience to know that the fastball is the most important pitch you throw.

SAL FASANO – Former MLB Catcher

Many pitchers belief in the philosophy, throw your Fastball until they hitter proves that they can hit it.  Now, Velocity is only a part of that theory.  Movement and location are 2 equally huge factors.  

How Does Fastball Command Come into Play
with the Slider?

Fastball Command Slider Domination

The Slider is designed to look just like the fastball coming out of the hand.  The deception is for the hitter to be unable to pick up the hand angle on the release and spin of the baseball.  When you have command of the fastball, the hitter now has to overcome another obstacle in the process.  Reacting to break and change of speed.  

When you cannot command the fastball, a smart hitter will patiently look for a pitch where he wants it...usually, up and over the plate, because he knows that he will eventually get it.  Also, he will be more inclined to lay off of the Slider.  This is extremely frustrating for pitchers.  Plus, it puts the odds in the hitters’ favor, which should Never, Ever happen.



When you are able to Command the Fastball,
Here is the Struggle that you Place upon the Hitter:

Fastball Command Slider Domination
When you are mechanically sound and not tipping your pitches, the hitter is forced to think fastball and adjust to everything else. If you are a righty facing a righty or LHP vs LHH, and you can locate the fastball to the outside corner consistently, It’s a very scary, insecure split second of reaction for the hitter.

How SO?

The hitter has to guess:

Will you throw a 95mph heater to the outside corner, or an 83mph Slider that breaks down and away from the barrel of the bat?

Hitters hate to look bad by pitchers…..although they still do every day

With fastball command, there is just no way of knowing

As I will always tell pitchers, when you have a good Slider it makes your fastball even more effective.  Because the hitter will go from sitting on your fastball to having to respect your fastball.  When the pitcher has command of his fastball, the hitter has to respect the fastball even more…

When you can locate In & Out, Up & Down, and the ability to expand the zone with your fastball, it makes hitters more prone to chase pitches.  

fastball Command
Good command of your fastball will enable you to set up hitters to put them away with the Slider...

… Not to mention, the hitter knows that when you have the Dominant Slider in your back pocket, waiting to UnLeash it.  That makes hitters very insecure.

Hitters will do everything they possibly can during the course of an at bat to get into a fastball count.  Hitters don’t like movement or change of speeds.  That’s why the best fail 70% of time.

Being able to command the fastball where you want…..preferably Down and on the Corners, makes pitchers incredibly confident and fearless in fastball counts.  


Slider Domination Fastball command

Bottom Line - When you can make pitches, you will get outs. Very Simple.

When you have command of at least 2 pitches….the hitters will have a very frustrating day.

Never forget that the odds are always in the pitcher’s favor over hitters. Make your Pitches and Build your Success.


Keep Dominating!!!

Slider Domination Strike 3

Brad Kirsch

Slider Domination Brad Kirsch

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