Why Hitters Lie Cheat and Steal?

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why hitters lie cheat and steal

Why hitters Lie, Cheat, and Steal? Simple, to compensate for their vulnerability.  

Yeah, That’s Right!  

They Lie about their Success

They Cheat to hit the Fastball

And they sometimes Steal by changing an error to a hit in the scorebook….

Yes…it happens all too much.  Unfortunately, the Stealing part does exist.

It’s the backlash that comes with the 70% failure rate from this endeavor.
What is the main reason that causes hitters to act in such a foolish and barbaric way????


Why Hitters Lie Cheat and Steal?
Pitchers Who Get Ahead in the Count

hitters lie cheat steal

Because the numbers are always in the favor of the pitcher when he can get ahead.
nd everyone involved in the game knows it.  Your defense knows it, both managers know it, and of course….the hitter knows it.

That is why the ability to get ahead wears on hitters…causing them to be anxious and unselective.
Your calm, cool, and collected demeanor on the mound, along with your command of the strike zone places immense amounts of pressure on the hitter.  It can cause them to chase your pitches and have a frustrating day or better yet, put them into a miserable slump that they will curse you for over the next 2 weeks.

Nonetheless, the best pitch in baseball will always be the first pitch strike.  Once you establish getting ahead, you are in the driver’s seat for the at bat.  The batting average between an 1-0 count and a 0-1 count is significant based on what source you use.  When you go from 0-1 to 0-2, then hitter is drowning under the Menodza line.


Mendoza Line

Mednoza Line

…Or even sunk well below the dreaded Mendoza line.


Why Hitters Lie Cheat and Steal? 
How to Experience it Yourself

The deeper that you can bury him in the count, the more ways that you can pick him apart and EMBARRASS him by expanding the zone.  The hitter is at your mercy…so take advantage of the great opportunity.  Take the initiative to get ahead in the count and then put him away with your select Arsenal of pitches.  This builds an inevitable level of frustration for the hitter that they will do anything to avoid. Thus, Why Hitters Lie Cheat and Steal! Add in a Strike call from the Umpire that is borderline, and their heads Explode!  See the GIF below.

why hitters lie cheat steal

Aside from this chaos, it’s no fun to pitch from behind. You constantly feel like your are backed into a corner behind the 8 ball.  It’s stressful for you as a pitcher.  Very stressful for your manager.  And your defense behind you won’t be as sharp.  Pitching comes with a responsibility. The Best Ones accept the circumstances.  Because their reward, is being credited with the W.

So focus on getting ahead with a first pitch strike to every hitter and winning each at bat.

And you will understand why hitters Lie, Cheat, and Steal to overcompensate and appease their ego.  

Hitters Lie Cheat Steal


Keep Dominating!!!


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