3 Simple Ways to Make You a Fearless Pitcher

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Fearless pitcher

A successful pitcher will attack every hitter he faces with the intent of one thing……WINNING!  A Fearless Pitcher is a Winning Pitcher.

First Off:

 Winners don’t rely on Luck,

Winners sure as anything don’t rely on HOPE

Winners Win because of their Toughness and Dedication…..

It all comes down to GUTS & EXECUTION. 

In the case of pitchers, the ones who are able to stand tall on the mound and continue to rack in Dominant pitching performances, do so from being Absolutely Fearless in Attacking hitters.


To quote the great Bob Gibson,

You’ve got to have an attitude if you are going to go far in this game.

Fearless pitcher

Some pitchers are born naturally fearless…others have to find the confidence to be so bold…..

Nonetheless, when you get to this point, the rewards are pretty damn sweet

1st and foremost, being confident on the mound comes from within. The pitchers who pretend to be intimidators, use this tactic a cover for their inability to consistently make pitches.  

The true pitcher who shows no fear, understands that execution is the bottom line when it comes to pitching success.  Being able to throw any pitch at any time is what truly scares hitters.  Anything else is just a bad gimmick.

How can you stand on the mound, project an aura of uneasiness to the hitter, and have the ability to make the pitches to back it up?


Here are 3 Simple Ways to Make You a Fearless Pitcher….


Repetitions – Fearless Pitcher

pitching repititions

Repetitions come into play long before any talk of preparation. It is the bedrock of a pitching foundation……Consequently, you don’t build a skyscraper on a swamp, right?

Getting your repetitions in on flat ground, in bullpens, in the off seasons, in the preseason,  and in between starts prepares your for battle.  Repetitions enhance your comfort level and make you aware of where adjustments need to be made.

So whatever situation that comes up, and whatever sign your catcher puts down, you are ready to go with it!!!!  You leave no doubt in your ability to execute your pitches.


Mental Preparation – Fearless Pitcher  

fearless pitchers

Now that you understand the necessity of getting in your throwing reps, you can better comprehend how you are capable of performing.  

 – Can you throw a Slider and get the hitter to chase
at 2-0, or 3-1?  

 – Can you throw inside and move the hitters feet
when needed?  

 – Can you paint the black on the knees?

Visualizing and the acting upon all of these pitching attributes before they happen will separate your from the competition.  Because the more that you can see a pitch properly thrown in your mind, the more you will execute that pitch properly in the game.  

Slider Domination is a strong believer in this mentality as we have included the Pitching Visualization Exercises as a Special Bonus feature to our product line.


Bask in the Competition – Fearless Pitcher

Fearless pitchers

Now that you have prepared physically and mentally, finally, it is time to show off what you have and enjoy the battle vs the hitter.  If a pitcher doesn’t enjoy the competition, he has no right to be standing on the mound. He will only let his team down.  Competition is very healthy and can bring optimal levels of emotional increase.   

I mean, we are talking out of body experiences.  

How many other ventures in life can give you chills up and down your spine as frequently as pitching does? 




As for the Slider….when you are going to throw it, THROW IT.  Don’t think about the count or the situation. Conviction is everything as a pitcher.  In addition, it’s all about what you have to do to get this hitter out.

For me, I always knew that when I did everything correct in my delivery, when I stayed behind the baseball, released it out in front and threw the Slider DOWNHILL, the second I released the ball, I knew that it would not be touched

……and I did not care who I was facing! 

Because the next split second of his life is going to be filled with anxiousness, doubt, depression, followed by a hangover of guilt….all in the blink of an eye.

Hence, this is the Amazing Power you have as a pitcher.


fearless pitchers


When you can fully grasp the concept;

That Fear Gets You NOWHERE!!!!!

Amazing things will quickly happen for you.

Never stop being aggressive with your pitches in the strike zone…..and most importantly….have fun with it!   Make the absolute most of every opportunity that you have to put on a baseball uniform and do something special in the greatest game on Earth.  



Fearless pitchers

Keep Dominating!!!!!!!





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