Yankees & Red Sox Join Forces on the Left Handed Slider???

Well not quite…. However, for the Left Handed Slider,  the 2 teams from the biggest rivalry in all of sports were linked together for some historic pitching advancement and lineage.   Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Sparky Lyle, won the 1977 American League Cy Young Award as a Relief Pitcher with the New York Yankees.  Originally, he…

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7 Ways to ‘BUST’ Out of a Slider Slump

  A Slider Slump Buster…Like all things in this great game, baseball is a game of failure. You can’t argue it. Even Hall of Famers seemed like they couldn’t do anything right for a short periods of time in every season.  So why should we be any different? As a pitcher, you will have days when…

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How Does Fastball Command ‘ENHANCE’ Your Slider?

 Fastball Command Cliff Lee” width=”850″ height=”400″ border=”0″ /> Fastball Command…1st & Foremost, it is what all Major League pitchers will tell you, is the the main thing they work on every Spring Training. Why? Quite simply, When you can’t command the fastball, best of luck getting hitters out. Even worse, playing time will be be…

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What is a Slider and What Can It Do For Your Pitching Career?

What is a Slider? The Pitch If you ask yourself, What is a Slider?  Most eye opening description of the Slider:  is a sharp breaking pitch, when thrown correctly, explodes devastatingly, down and away from a hitter.  The Slider looks like a fastball, until the batter goes to swing…..and the ball disappears out of the…

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MLB Network Breakdown ‘Endorses’ Slider Domination

  In this video from an MLB Network Breakdown, Billy Ripken breaks down the Slider of Pirates pitcher, Gerrit Cole.  The emphasis of this break down is how the Fastball and Slider look identical at the recognition point to the hitter.  That is word for word the same thing that Slider Domination teaches about the…

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