MLB Network Breakdown ‘Endorses’ Slider Domination

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In this video from an MLB Network Breakdown, Billy Ripken breaks down the Slider of Pirates pitcher, Gerrit Cole.  The emphasis of this break down is how the Fastball and Slider look identical at the recognition point to the hitter.  That is word for word the same thing that Slider Domination teaches about the Dominance of this pitch.

The hitter in this case is none other than, Rookie of the Year, MVP, Batting Champion, and 3x World Series Champion, Buster Posey.  

In this video, you are shown 2 consecutive pitches from Cole.  A 3-1 fastball for a called strike at 97 mph.  Then the 3-2 pitch is a Slider at 88mph….as you guessed it, a swing and a miss.

MLB Network Breakdown Gerrit Cole

MLB Network Breakdown Endorsement

The segment of the MLB Network Breakdown that reiterates Slider Domination’s teachings of the Slider:

They over lap these 2 pitches, to all but clone them.  And here you clearly see that the fastball and Slider look the exact same coming out if the hand.  Then to be followed by how the 2 pitches look the exact same at the point if recognition of the hitter.  

At this point, Posey has to guess which pitch to swing at

It’s much more difficult to do so when you have to respect the 97 mph.  Simple and Plain.

The End Result

Even with the highly esteemed accolades that Buster Posey has received, this just solidifies that any player can look downright foolish from the Dominance of the Slider.

How Many Aspects of the Slider did MLBN Endorse
Slider Domination’s Teachings?

   1.  The fastball and Slider both look the same coming
out of the hand

   2.  Both pitches looked identical at the recognition point
to the hitter

   3.  The hitter has to guess velocity and react to the movement of the pitch to make contact

   4.  ***The Slider makes your fastball even more effective because it forces the hitter to respect your fastball

   5.  This Lethal Combination is almost an


Hitters never want to be embarrassed, however, they always will be.
It is the pitcher’s job to exploit the fact that the best hitters fail 70% of the time.
The Fastball/Slider is one of the Simplest methods to do so.


Thanks to this MLB Network Breakdown:

The Proof is right here in this video.
Domination is front and center with the Slider

Before we go, Want to see Gerrit Cole's Slider Embarrass and Dominate another MVP.....?



Keep Dominating!!!

MLB Network Breakdown Gerrit Cole Strikes out Buster Posey

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